Its such a pleasure to not just see for yourselves, but to also receive compliments from others on the weight loss one has achieved through your monitored diet programs.. Awesome!! The beauty still is that, you do it so very professionally well, without one feeling that he/she has compromised on any food of choice. While initially the ‘cheat meal’ sessions are sought out like an oasis in a desert, eventually it gets on to you so much that you don’t really look out for that and even while cheating, you are so conscious and you have a way of getting that ingrained… I’m glad that I took this up seriously, even though I still have miles to go before I can say that I have achieved what I have set out to… Thanks for being there!!

Rathan, Touche Golf

Anupama is a hands on practitioner. She has perfected a system that works and is doable. I am really enjoying this regime and am very positive of the long term outcome.

Vivek Thomas

Ms Anupama Menon is a wonderful dietician/counselor. She has worked wonders for me. I highly recommend her to all those who need help with regularising their diet.

Mrs. Sahai

Anupama is brilliant….I have seen so many nutritionists/ doctors/ in the last 20 years….anupama is a class apart. The effort she makes in understanding your needs, limitations and plans a healthy life around that is outstanding.


She immediately addressed the issue and gave me a solution. And was very understanding of what I wanted.

Mansi Murli

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