Achieving Target Weight

It is everyone’s dream to reach their target weight. Period.
But is it an achievable goal? Let’s review this.

Each individual’s body is different, with respect to it’s composition, structure & metabolism. So then 2 people of the same gender of the same height & gender need not have the same composition. Target weights are calculated on the basis of solely the height & gender & hence it stands that 2 women of equal heights must have the same target weight. But what if one is muscle heavy and the other is not? Are we assuming that we must achieve target weight even at the cost of our muscle?

So let’s keep the target weight aside or just refer to it as a ball park figure of what our weight must be for our height.

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Weight Loss & Health for a Lifetime!!

Weight loss which I’d so rather call fatloss must be the result of intentional effort at eating healthy day after day after day. Even better would be this effort at eating healthy a strife towards keeping the body and mind at a high wellness quotient rather than just weight loss. As i take you through my blog week after week it would be my primary effort to make sure you read and understand authentic information on health wellness and what it takes to stay fit and healthy for always!!cropped-logo.png