Right Living is a Lifestyle Management, Health Advocating & Educating firm. It is the intent and purpose of Right Living right from it’s inception is 2010 January to educate it’s clients towards healthy eating practices and habits that they can inculcate for a lifetime. It aims to achieve a lifestyle for it’s clients that is not just enviable but sustainable & addictive too.

Right Living is headed by Ms Anupama Menon who has been working with potentiating the food practices & health of people for 16 years now. She headed the department of nutrition and counseling for Gold’s Gym for 2 years (2006-2007) before she started her enterprise & her passionate venture, “Right Living”. Today Right Living has served over 1700 clients and continues to spread it’s wings in Bangalore.

Right Living has started several ventures under it’s wings, of which a significant one is “Corporate & Institutional Health and Wellness”. Through this venture Right Living intends to reach out to corporates & institutions and spread the spirit of wellness & the principles of healthy eating practices that can be developed into a lifestyle which is potent with enviable habits & a determined healthy routine.

The Goal :

Internalization and self-help is the key focus of the program. Creating a completely confident individual, who is totally in charge of their own diet without intervention from a nutrionist is the end goal of Right Living. To be body confident and stress-free on every challenge that food choices present in different environments is what we believe is attaining “Food Nirvana”. The final goal is to master & replicate for one’s family potent lifestyle brimming with wellness : health, fat loss & the rest are simple, yet powerful by products!!

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