Menopause has The other side!!

picture-137If you think you are approaching menopause or are perimenopausal, it’s time to begin caring for yourself afresh!

  • Take care of yourself and your emotions. It can be a hard time, confusing too. You want to be nice to faces around you but all that seeps out is anger. You’ve lived in the same city you have come to love half your life and suddenly it feels like the most boring place to reside in. It’s hot all the time, weight gain isn’t fiction anymore and you don’t feel like you. Relax. Take time out for yourself, indulge in shopping, good books and massages. Exercise atleast 40 minutes 4-5 times a week and buy new lipstick. You need to spend time with yourself and cut the pace a bit.
  • You may experience weight gain. Take a fresh look at the food on your plate. Anything that comes out of gay coloured packaging cannot find place there. Load it with fresh vegetables, a handful of crunchy fats (the nuts!!), home cultured yoghurt, whole grains (experiment! try sticky rice, polenta, red rice, millets, barley, etc), seed and nut cooking oils, dark chocolate and cheese.
  • Review your supplements, you may be estrogen dominant or high on cortisol. You may be going through adrenal fatigue or hypothyroidism. There maybe inflammation or instability of blood sugar levels. Your gut maybe playing havoc. There’s a solution, always! Visit your medical practitioner or alternative therapist and find solutions through the right supplements. Evening primrose oil, Vit E, Zinc, Vit D, wheat grass powder, garlic extracts, parsley and fennel water, Curcumin, choice of sea vegetables and omega 3 are amongst my top choices!
  • Probiotics are a blessing. We are all connected, with each other yes, but here I was talking about our ingenious body. There is a strong, invisible, embodied line that connects each one of our organs. And one takes care of the other. Where is 90% of the neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin that promote wellness for our mind produced? Voila! In our gut! So take care of your gut and it takes care of our happy spirit! Natural probiotics come in the form of cultured yoghurt, pickled veggies, fermented fruit, lacto fermented salsa all of which can be churned out from our traditional kitchen. And then of course there are the more glorified names like miso, kefir, tempeh kamboocha, etc if you manage to find them! Whichever you choose, choose, choose to eat some every single day.
  • Lastly, sleep well, make new friends, travel wide and reach out to loved ones. Do everything that makes you feel good.

Perimenopause is a phase that each and every woman will find far behind herself in time. And on the other side is the brighter side of life, a life free of pads and tampoons and worry of cramps and PMS.

Menopause is the time to love life all over again, to celebrate the woman in you who is achieved, who is proud of the memories she has created, who is brave enough to view a difference in her life.

Just view menopause with positivity, the right spirit and the right arms to help you embrace it without dampening your altitude!

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I hate junk! I love junk! I junk all the time! I need to stop junking!

Much has this word been maligned. But is there a definition? Do we offer it some perspective. No, it’s a blind rationale to categorize all that’s tempting into a red zone, which anyway most of us crossover to.

It’s not my intent to glorify “junk”, healthy eating is one of the sensible and most important handles of an enviable lfestyle! But let’s not over moderate our selves and get excessively critical about our food habits to such an extent that extreme restrictions give way to a breakdown of our resolve in the horizon and render unsustainability to our eating patterns.

Too much of a good thing is an excess and is good to discard, a 3000 calorie diet of only healthy meals is junk, if what you need is only 2500. The positive calorie consumption leads to deposition of the excess as fat. Now let’s turn the plate right around. Round the week, round the clock if you have watched your food paying special attentionto a healthy balance, a large piece of chocolate cake to celebrate your sunday is as justified as legal inheritance!! Let’s not label all desirous food as junk at all times.

Sams Friend Simon: Sugars, Fats and Salt in excess can damage and desensitize our taste buds. And thats what we need to pay keen attention to as we choose our foods through the day. Packets of chips, cookies, fried nuggets, puff pastries, areated drinks, each of these will have one or more of these 3 junkie villians to tempt our otherwise sensible senses! Once this is eliminated, half the battle is won. The less addictive, nourishing salads and good fats will test well. This rule is the time tested, most known path to adopt. Difficult, yet easy to recognize, sprinkled with a large measure of fortitude can put us well on the way.

The Greyscale: Once there was a mouse and then there was some cheese. The mouse ate 1/2 a cube of cheese and scuttled away. And then there was laid a trap to get the mouse. Cheese speckled with oregano, gourmet and more. But the mouse had had it’s fill. Greed did not get the better of him. And he stayed safe from the cheese and the trap. And this is the greyscale we need to gain mastery over. The line of balance where we give in into hunger or the mere want for food. Always remember, the cheese that made the trap is greed, we have to skill ourselves enough to practice “Stop” when we aren’t hungry anymore. Anything over and above, be it fruit/millet, oats or whole wheat, nuts or seeds is junk. In excess, not needed.

The Reward: We are all humans.  Just as we deserve what is good for us, so do we deserve what we want, what our heart desires. Be it a pie with the creamiest cream or deep fried tantalizing stories on our palatte. So work hard through the week, practice a lifestyle that allows you to sleep, drink water, select the right quantity and quality of food. Watch yourselves breathe and exercise right without injuiries. Master the art of sifting out the choices you made at the grocers to put together whole foods and good fats into a bowl that deserves your attention and your hunger. And then when you reward yourself at the end of the week a sugar loaded pastry, a scrumtious pani puri or sinful layers of waffles and cream, challenge anyone who calls it junk!

Because “Junk” is a perspective. Not a fact sealed on the dotted line.

Raise your metabolism and make foods work for you, not against. Relax rules and let not food stress you out. To party without guilt reach us @