Get fit not Fat this Christmas

With the holidays in tow, the highlight for many during this season is gathering with family and friends and enjoying your favorite holiday treats. Cookies, candied yams, and pies can often be found at every turn when attending holiday festivities. Here are some tips that will help you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest while not increasing your waistline.

 Eat Before Heading Out

First, it is best that you eat something before heading out to visits, trips or family dinners. By doing so, you will no longer be tempted to eat a lot or overindulge yourself since you have already eaten. Skipping on meals is not a good idea either, because you will only be forced to eat more later.

Select The Treats

Make sure to select the treats that you eat in a wise manner. You should choose something that you can only enjoy during the holiday season and not something that is readily available all the time.


Avoid Skipping Meals

Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast! Even though it can be tempting to skip on certain meals, believing that it will make up for the treats you consumed in the previous day, don’t do it because it will only lead to counterproductive results.

Drink With Moderation

It is best to regulate your drinking since alcohol, coke or other juices will only add more calories to the ones you already eaten!

Be Active

You should still perform your fitness routine whenever possible and if you can’t do that, simply walk more, park your car some distance away from the store or just use the stairs!

Set Realistic Goals

You should set realistic exercise objectives. Aim for at least half an hour per day and you will be very happy when you will achieve that. If you plan one hour or more and not achieve it, you will only end up disappointed.

Santa Claus slippers on weight scalesEnjoy Yourself

Also make sure to set realistic diet plans! Trying to restrain yourself totally from some foods will only make you eat more. Feel free to enjoy the treats that you really love, but in small portions.

Drink A Lot Of Water

This can satiate your appetite as well as keep you hydrated at all times.

Eat Less And More Often

Distribute your meals evenly throughout the day, and do not eat everything at once.  Instead of having 2 enormous meals, have 5 small ones.  Eat your dinner earlier and have a nice walk before going to bed.

Enjoy What You Eat

Enjoy what you eat! It is seen that during the festive season we eat excess food than we require due to its pleasant taste. But it is not a right way to eat. If you love it then eat it slowly and chew it properly. If you chew it slowly then you will keep your food portion control and prevent overeating.

  • Soup is a great hunger-buster. Make it your mid morning and/or mid afternoon snack of choice instead of coffee/tea and a cookie.
  • Many fruit yoghurts are heaving with sugar. Go for 0% fat Greek yoghurt and add your own fruit (and a few nuts or seeds).
  • If fizzy soft drinks have become a regular habit, try replacing them with sparkling water mixed 50:50 with fresh fruit juice – half the calories!
  • A multi vitamin and mineral supplement is a good shout at this time of the year.

The main motto behind eating dishes in the festival should be enjoying it and not over-eating. If you keep this motto in mind then you will be able to maintain a healthy weight and also health.


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